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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  January 20, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's wednesday, january 20. >> we are following a developing story. "action news" learned overnight that one person never made it out of a house fire in delaware. >> a man finds his lamborghini torched. now some are asking if this is connected to his former contract to remove confederate monal unitmonuments in new orle. >> accuweather is tracking a return to above freezing temperatures plus a chance for a weekend storm. >> everybody is talking about that potential storm. good morning, it's 4:30. matt pelman is in for karen
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rogers but let's start with dave murphy taking a look at accuweather. good morning. >> it's not going to be as harsh today. that's the good start of the forecast news. we have sunshine on the way a little bit later on. cloud cover trying to push down from the north and we may wind up way sun and clouds mix later on but as i said it's any other going to be as harsh. temperatures are still cold this morning. 23 degrees in philadelphia. 25 up in allentown. 23 in reading. 21 in wilmington. 23 in trenton. now, these numbers are not quite as cold as they were yesterday and when you factor in the wind which is much lighter, the wind chills even though they are kind of not great numbers they're better than they were yesterday in a lot of cases. feels like it's about 12 degrees in philadelphia, the wind only at about 10 miles an hour. at the bus stop 21 degrees by 6 o'clock, 22 by 8:00 a.m. bats about six or 7 degrees better than yesterday. it's cold but again, less wind so it feels a little more comfortable. as we roll through the day matt is right. we are going to spend several hours above the freezing mark for a change. 24 degrees by 9 o'clock, 29 by
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11 o'clock but as soon as 1 o'clock we'll be at 33 and your high today 35 degrees at about 3 o'clock. we have the very latest information on that weekend storm. it does look like we're going get snow. still some questions as to how much and the timing of it matt and that's coming up. >> so you're looking on the bright side for this morning. i'm saying it's still pretty dog gone cold out there. bundle up, give your time to warm up. watch out for the construction crews working during the overnight hours on 95 northbound but they're in the closes of clearing out. you can see them picking up their cones here in the northbound lanes of 95 in the ongoing work zone by cottman avenue should be out of there shortly. on the vine street expressway no overnight construction. so everything is opened here and ready for you both ways between the schuylkill and broad street. no lanes blocked for overnight work. on 95 northbound between girard and allegheny there is still some construction this morning. but no issues on the schuylkill expressway or the roosevelt boulevard. most speeds at this point in the mid-50's.
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in center city we still have some restrictions after last night's huge fire centered around 21st and locust. avoid that area this morning. and over in south jersey there was some overnight work but the crews are now clearing out. couple of the ramps along 295 were closed. they just reopened. everything back in business for this wednesday morning. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. developing this morning crews are investigating a deadly fire in delaware. the action cam was along the 2600 block of abington road last night. crews battled heavy flames at the home. inside they found the victim in a rear corner bedroom. coming up at 5:00 a.m. we'll have the latest details in a live report from the scene of this deadly blaze. >> we have another fire to tell you about. crews were putting out hot spots overnight where this four alarm blaze tore through an apartment building in center city. the magnitude of the inferno caused parts of the building to collapse injuring two firefighters. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live along the 2100 block of locust street with the latest. >> reporter: matt, the
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residents are all safe but there could be a lot of damage to this building. you can see that police and fire crews remain on the scene this morning. locust between 21st and 22nd is still closed. if you're in the area be careful. that was water that ran off from the hoses last night is on the ground. they've thrown down salt but it's still slippery and icy here in spots this morning. fire raged at 21st and locust. flames tore through the center city apartment building last night. the fire was first called in around 5:30 p.m. >> all i hear is a faint alarm and i'm like it must be something. then all of a sudden every fire truck in the city came to town. it first company discovered fire burning in the basement. residents saw smoke everywhere. >> it was just really thick and it was on all the floors and we were just really scared. >> reporter: firefighters soon discovered flames on the fourth floor. >> and these older buildings if there's a fire in the basement it gets into the walls it can spread to the fourth floor through the walls
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so we don't know if it was two separate fires or the fire started in the basement and spread to the roof. >> reporter: 125 firefighters battled this fierce blaze. they had the freezing temperatures to contend with. there was also a partial collapse. two firefighters were taken to the hospital in stable condition. the fire was placed under global two hours. 21 units in the building were occupied. >> all the windows were busted and there's water everywhere, so it doesn't look good. >> reporter: and back here live you can see the rock salt on the ground. again, it is slippery in spots. use caution if you're around this fire scene this morning the cause remains under investigation. no word if anyone will be allowed back in side. katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> at least 19 people have been killed in a terror attack
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at a university in pakistan. this is video just in from the university in the northwestern part of the country. authorities say they were involved in a gun battle with the armed suspect and that there were explosions from inside the university. we know at least two of those gunmen are dead. the attack happened just after students began arriving for class. nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack yet but the school's founder created the anti taliban political party. now obviously these developments are rapidly changing so we're going to stay on top of them here in the satellite center and bring you any new details as they become available on 6abc and for now we're live in the satellite center, erin o'hearn channel6 "action news." tam back to you. >> erin thank you. the u.s. coast guard has suspended its search for 12 marines who were on two helicopter that is crashed off hawaii last week. a recovery team found the last life raft but it was no sign that it had been used.
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agencies have been searching since last thursday when a civilian witnessed a fire ball after first seeing the helicopters in the air. among the 12 missing marines is brian kennedy of philadelphia and adam schuler from adams county. >> new jersey governor chris christie rejected several bills including one that would have ensured young students get 20 minutes of recess each day. he also denied a financial assistance package for atlantic city. the bill would have set up a system for the city to pay the tax money it owes to casinos. this could now lead a state takeover of atlantic city. in addition christie rejected a bill that would have raised the age for buying tobacco products from 19 to 21 and turned down a measure that would have prohibited people convicted of gang crimes or making terroristic threats from owning a gun. >> donald trump has gotten a big conservative endorse. sarah palin says he's her choice. bernie sanders making hillary clinton not so inevitable.
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megan hughes reports. >> are you ready to make america great again? >> reporter: could conservative heavy weight is that's endorsement put donald trump over the know iowa. >> esby holden to no one but we, the people. how refreshing. he's going rogue left and right, man. that's why he's doing so well um the tea party favorite rambled rhymed hit the media and put in some of her favorite phrases. >> it's time to drill, baby, drill down hold these folks accountable. >> reporter: the new york dale news headline this morning, i'm with stupid. the partnership of the former reality stars also bad news for ted cruz who palin backed when he ran for senate. >> regardless of what sarah decides to do in 2016 i will always remain a big, big fan of sarah palin. >> reporter: the conservative endorsement also puts a dent in the attacks on new york's values from cruz to rush limbaugh. >> there are a lot of conservatives who think he's a
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wolf in sheep's clothing. >> i am a real conservative and russia has been terrific to me. >> reporter: on the democratic side clinton has been racking up her own big endorsements like the human rights campaign and planned parenthood but a new poll shows vermont senator bernie sanders with 27-point lead in new hampshire. >> the inevitable candidate does not look quite so inevitable as she did eight and a half months ago. >> reporter: hillary clinton still has a double digit lead nationally. her campaign is already fundraising off the palin trump endorsement saying in an e-mail "make sure this is nothing more than a bad snl skit come to life." megan hughes, abc news, washington. >> 4:39 is the time and still to come on "action news" a prominent new york doctor is accused of drugging and sexually abusing patients. >> a sports car belonging to a contractor who was hired to remove four confederate monuments in new orleans.
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david. >> cold enough for a lot of extra gear for the kids. we're looking at that friday night arrival of nome i'll have the ver --snow. i'll have the very latest from accuweather coming up. your heart loves omega-3s.
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>> get ready for a glimpse our neighbors in the solar system. five bright planets mercury venus saturn mars jupiter will be visible just before sunrise this morning. it will be the first time in 11 years that the five planets the only in our solar system capable of being visible to the naked eye are all on the same part of the sky. the spectacle is expected to last for the next month. head out there right before sunrise which is at 7:18 this morning, see if i can catch it. >> i'll join you. >> you will. >> i probably should be doing a cut in at that time. >> well, you have a month so if it's too cold this morning maybe you wait. >> saturday. >> look, we're cold today but not as bad and of course all eyes are on the weekend for
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that friday. looks like probably a friday night snow arrival. right now storm tracker6 live double scan slows that w -- shos that we are dry. we're on the cold side today, that's for sure but not as windy and as harsh and that is good news. checking out the numbers at the airport currently we're at 23 degrees and the winds are at 10 miles per hour. yesterday we were talking about winds in the 20's so not quite as bad. wind chill though is still 12 degrees which is better than yesterday's close to zero wind chill. you get the idea. you still into the need a coat. we're going to start out with sun and then some of those clouds to the north may try and pop in during the day. generally speaking a sun and clouds mix. cold today but not as cold. 22 degrees by 8 o'clock. 27 by 10 o'clock. by noon up to 31 and we'll spend several hours this afternoon above the freezing mark for a change. today's high is 35 at 3 o'clock this afternoon. high temperatures across the region, everybody improving a little bit over yesterday. 33 in allentown, still above freezing for an hour or two there. 34 reading, 34 trenton, 35
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wilmington and millville and 36 in cape may this afternoon. so here comes the storm. the energy associated with this is now over land over the west coast. it does look like it's going to dig a trough down below saint louis probably by about noon tomorrow and then after that it does shift over to the east and transfers its energy into an area of low pressure that does become a nor'easter and goes past us. all the models are suggesting that all of this is going to happen. there is some diverging viewpoint in other aspects of the storm which i'll get to in a second. future tracker though i do want to tell that you no matter what happens with this storm it looks like we'll have problems at the shore with coastal flooding. wind gusts as high as 59 miles per hour, maybe even up over 60 at times right down at the shore as this low passes us by and the worst of this would be saturday morning into saturday afternoon. so, that you can pretty much count on and flooding down at the shore possible. the track, though, of this
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storm is still uncertain. in fact, if anything, the tracks have been a little bit more divergent on the models in the last 24 hours than they were earlier in the week. if the storm does become stronger and hugs the coast we'd be looking at fairly heavy snow especially north and west of philadelphia out in those northern and western suburbs with some rain mixing in from about philadelphia down to the coast. a weaker track that pushes the storm farther off shore would actually pull that heavier snow band south and east of i-95 and there would be a sharp cutoff in the northern and western suburbs. so, where exactly the heavy snow hits right now is very much uncertain. how much snow are we going to get? still too soon to say with certainty but some of the models lately have been maybe bringing the total numbers down. anywhere from 6-inches up to about 12-inches and that's the most likely scenario we are feeling right now. however just behind that is a heavier snowfall. some of the models still looking at that. again, the exact track of the storm is a little uncertain at this point.
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the strength and movement uncertain, the location of heavy snow as i just explained not exactly pinned down yet. looking at a potential slower arrival. might not come in until the nighttime on friday. quick look at your seven day. not as harsh today, a high of 35. 36 mostly sunny ahead of all this business on friday, so thursday is a good day and then snow arrives looks like it might not be here until at nighttime on friday, 34 degrees is the high there. and then on saturday snow with possibly some rain working its way up at times to i-95 and then back but we'll see about that. and on sunday it's all over -- excuse me. on sunday it's all over and we are windy and chilly with a high of 38 degrees. remember that when we're not on the air and we're not accidentally walking off a platform we are always on line at and we will have all the latest projections and information and another look at some of those graphics that we keep putting on the the newscastly we usually put them on the web site, too, so you can eyeball them and think about them a
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lib, too. >> thank you david. a new york doctor is accused of drugging two women under his care and sexually assaulting them. david newman faces criminal sex assault and abuse charges. the most recent alleged abuse reportedly happened during an emergency room visit to mount sinai hospital last week. the victim says newman plesh insured himself in front of her after he gave her. prosecutors say a second victim claims newman groped her during an examination for a cold. newman has been suspended from mount sinai. >> police in louisiana are trying to determine if a lamborghini fire was an accident or arson. a charred shell is all that is left of the car seen here in better days. it was parked outside of h and o contractors in baton rouge. the own are discovered his luxury vehicle burning early yesterday morning. the city of new orleans had selected his company to remove four confederate monuments. he pulled out of the contract after he started receiving death threats and harassing phone cause. now his lamborghini is
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torched. city councilman james gray says police need to take this matter seriously. >> death threats are not free speech. you are crossing the line. when you burn someone's property in a public places, you are breaking the law. it's a clear criminal behavior. and it's -- and it should not be to lated. >> the contractor is still working with the city on other projects. >> it's 4:48 and still to come on "action news" crews are cleaning up the mess after rocks and boulders come tumbling down onto a california highway. >> later the search for the robber who used a large knife to hold up a local wawa. we'll be right back.
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>> it's another one of those how many layers can i find put on sort of mornings. it's freezing out there once again but we are seeing some people out and about already at 4:51 on the roadways. we've got a police stop here on the southbound side of 95 between allegheny and girard. it's right there taking out the right lane. not a big delay. in the northbound construction that we had right here that was occupying the left lane has cleared out. overnight work by cottman is also gone so the construction crews are gone and no work this morning along the vine street expressway. but fire crews remain on the scene of that huge four alarm fire from yesterday evening in center city close to the locust deli. it was centered around the
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intersection of locust and 21st. instead of locust this morning which is an eastbound street stay up on chestnut or pine instead of 201st and 22nd. but expect congestion and icy conditions in that vicinity. overnight construction in delco. working both ways along the route one media bypass but it should be cleared out by 5 o'clock and all the work on the pennsylvania turnpike is gone so speeds in the mid 60's as you travel westbound passing willow grove. matt. >> thanks, matt. happening today, geologists plan to inspect a california hillside where boulders tumbled onto a highway. it happened yesterday south of yosemite lakes mark in madera county. officials say heavy rain caused the rock slide which led to the closure of the highway for a 10-mile stretch in both directions. the rocks did not hit any cars. >> time to take your first look at business. the nation's largest health insurer says it may be getting out of the game when it comes to care connected to the affordable care act. united health says it lost $500 million if 2015 and it's
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expecting to lose more than that this year. the company says it got higher claims than expected from the people in the program. j. c. penney will begin selling appliances at 22 stores across the south. it says its sales are strong. the retail are might consider selling appliances nationwide. experts say department store operators are looking for new ways to expand their business because it seems clothing sales are down. the major stock indices were mixed yesterday. the dow gained 28 points. all the futures seem to be pointing to a substantially lower open. if you like the music in starbucks you can find it on spotify. the starbucks mobile app will allow customers to connect to the music they hear in the store. you can send the songs to a playlist and play songs anywhere where you have spot tie if i. >> a lehigh valley school district has decided to go all in on kindergarten. details on the new program at 5:00 a.m. >> mexican actress who helped
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>> a man carrying a huge knife walked into a wawa in the city's torresdale section and robbed the placemen place. >> a mexican actress is under investigation. she allegedly received money
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illegally from el chapo guzman. the actress assisted sean penn in getting hues interview with the kingpin. mexico's attorney general says there are indications dell castillo may have received money. >> coming up more stories you didn't see last night. a new survey finds that some well educated people think a tv judge actually sits on the u.s. supreme court. >> and developing firefighters comb through the rubble of a home destroyed by a fire that also left one person dead. we're live with the details.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday january 20. we're working on several developing stories. >> one person was killed in a fire that ripped through a delaware home. we are live with more on the investigation. >> and the allentown city council may call for its mayor to resign. >> and we have the late of the track of a storm that could bring snow to our region this weekend. accuweather updates all morning long. >> people want to know. so let's head over to dave murphy. he's got accuweather and matt pelman is in for karen rogers with traffic. good morning. >> heading into what appears to be a busy weekend around here looks as though we're looking at less harsh conditions today. we're seeing the numbers come up a little bit. sunshine early on with clouds trying to dig in through the north. overall looking at a sun and clouds mix through much of the day. temperatures are still cold this morning.


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